|The power of the air propulsion systems are directly proportional with the air masses processed by the propeller and the pressure differences applied to surfaces

What We Do

Xagon Solutions is accelerating the development and drive the positive transformation of the drone and aeronautical industry through patented innovations that will save energy, decrease noise, add thrust, and increase the carrying capacity of heavy-weight drones.

“The drones we have today are loud, spend entirely too much energy, and aren’t able to carry enough to justify wider adoption. Our first goal is to change that. “

Alexander Balan, CEO of Xagon Solutions

Adaptive Ducted Fan ADF

Thanks to the automated adaptable intake section of our adaptive ducted fan, any drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) assembled with the ADF will:

Save up to 30% energy

Offer 35-40% more thrust

Increase carrying capacity

The outcome is an optimal aerodynamic performance designed for cargo drones, ready for the future of logistics and transportation.

ADF closed position – Standard N – thrust and efficiency

ADF opened position – High N – thrust and efficiency

Advanced Rotation System ARS 360°

With our advanced rotation system, industrial-grade drones can now overcome one of their main flaws – poor maneuverability. ARS 360° ensures super-high maneuverability combined with simple integration.

The potential for significant performance improvement makes ARS 360° the optimal enhancement on drones used in defense and security.

The future of the industry lies in VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) and we have found a way to make it better than ever.

We only work with ultra-light, super-resistant materials that can make drones quieter, more energy-saving, and allow for advanced maneuverability.

Whether you are implementing drones in the transport, agricultural, or defense industry, our patented technologies will help transform your aeronautical devices and bring more value to your business.

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