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New era of eVTOL

The purpose of the BellMouth shape is to allow the maximum amount of air to be drawn into the duct with minimum loss

We’ve mastered manipulating airflow and have renamed the transformable Bellmouth to Adaptive Ducted Fan.

Slide additional thrust N


Arthropoda represents our own vision of what VTOL vehicles should embody with ADF (Adaptive Ducted Fan) integration. This concept includes 7 comfort seats and is hybrid-powered, driving 4 ADFs. Each ADF delivers a significant amount of extra thrust, ensuring high efficiency and maximum range.

XC Heavy

The VTOL Cargo UAV embodies the essence of Xagon’s DNA. From its inception, the ADF was specifically designed for cargo, particularly for handling ultra-heavy loads. The integration of the ADF with the cargo UAV is poised to revolutionize port infrastructure in the coming years. This innovation will significantly impact container work operation times, reduce costs, and transform port logistics forever

Slide + Flip Effect

The ADF pro series model uses the performance of surfaces of the duct body in formation of a BellMouth shape. This design process ensures a BellMouth deployed phase using its 1/3 of body shape and expand 25% the duct intake section providing optimal ergometry of the surfaces that form the BellMouth

The mechanical adaptation deployed/retracted of ADF takes
less than 3 seconds



Road Map


Driven by a passion for VTOL missions and a commitment to staying abreast of aviation evolution, the team embarked on developing the next generation of Ducted Fan propulsion systems in 2019. After extensive studies on air physics applied to duct surfaces and leveraging Bernoulli’s law, the team uncovered the vast potential of an Adaptive Duct inlet. This discovery led to the construction of our first ADF prototype

CEO Message

Alexander Balan

Founder – CEO, Sole Director

“The ADF is a 3-in-1 HSVTOL (High-Speed Vertical Take-Off and Landing) thruster. You deploy it upwards and take off vertically with tremendous thrust. The adjustable air intake slats ensure a smooth transition to cruise mode. Then, you retract it and fly forward quickly and efficiently, thanks to the sharp-tip aerodynamic design.”