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The purpose of the BellMouth shape is to allow the maximum amount of air to be drawn into the duct with minimum loss

We’ve learned how to play with the air and made the BellMouth Transformable renamed it in Adaptive Ducted Fan

About Us

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Arthropoda is our own vision of what Regional Air Mobility vehicles should look like in terms of ADF integration. This flight apparatus concept has 7 comfort seats and is hybrid powered to drive 4 ADFs, each providing a huge amount of extra thrust and high efficiency

XC Heavy

The eVTOL Cargo UAV is the Xagon DNA.  From the beginning the ADF was designed for CARGO and
especially the ultra heavy loads. Below is how the ADF and CARGO UAV in the next few years will change 95% of everything we know today about the ports, its container work operation, costs and the logistics

Slide + Flip Effect

The ADF pro series model uses the performance of surfaces of the duct body in formation of a BellMouth shape. This design process ensures a BellMouth deployed phase using its 1/3 of body shape and expand 25% the duct intake section providing optimal ergometry of the surfaces that form the BellMouth

The mechanical adaptation deployed/retracted of ADF takes
less than 3 seconds



Road Map


Passionate about the UAM industry and staying in touch with aviation evolution, back in 2019 the team began to develop and propel the next-Gen of eDF propulsion systems. After many studies with air physics applied to ducted fan surfaces and using the Bernoulli law, the team discovered the huge potential of Adaptive Ducted Fan and built its first prototype


CEO Message

Alexander Balan

Founder – CEO, Sole Director

“ADF is a very simple VTOL propulsion system, you open it up and take off vertically with a huge amount of extra thrust.., then you close it and fly forward highly efficiently due to its aerodynamic section of gondola design”