Xagon Solutions Inc.

Xagon Solutions is a high tech company, developing the Adaptive Ducted Fan (ADF), a game-changing performance enhancement for high speed VTOLs., which is solving technology problem that has been facing engineers and designers of VTOL aircrafts for over 50 years.

Founded in 2019 and doing business in Long Beach California, the company has signed strategic partnerships with strong name companies from the field strived by a common goal to build and deliver Adaptive Ducted Fans to eVTOL market starting in 2025.

R&D Team Project

Alexander Balan

Founder & CEO

9+ years hi-tech builder, aerospace engineering, inventor, patents holder

Nicolae Patlati

Co-Founder, CFO

15+ years in Business Financial PhD in Economics Focus on business viability and development, building and managing processes and cross-functional teams

Irina Berlinschi

Co-Founder Corporate Secretary

9+ years specialist in Business Development & company administration MBA, Halliburton

Andrew Guzun

Engineer, Technical Designer

8+ years specialist in aerospace engineering & company technical development

Dan Kloss

Co-Founder, Advisor PFD owner

45+ years Aerospace Engineering Specialist in alloys materials and precision manufacturing

Dr. Glen R. Whitehouse

R&D Partner

18+ years aeronautical engineering experience, specialist in rotorcraft aeromechanics analysis and numerical methods development
Continuum Dynamics, Inc.

Dr. Todd R. Quackenbush

R&D Partner

35+ years aeronautical engineering experience, specialist in rotorcraft analysis and rotor system design
Continuum Dynamics, Inc.

Dr. Myles L. Baker

R&D Partner

35+ years aeronautical engineer propulsion system, trajectory analysis and optimization. Structure Technology Division Manager at Boeing Phantom Works
Founder, President and Chief Engineer of M4 Engineering

Tyler Winter

R&D Partner

16+ years aeronautical engineer, R&D projects: NASA, Department of Defense and Uber Elevate Ecosystem
Engineering Manager Research and Development at M4 Engineering